few and far collective by steen jones

Australia wins again…

by Josh Madden

few and far by steen jones

When I went to Sydney for 10 days last year, I fell in love with all things Australian. From their denim to their music scene, their airlines, their laid-back attitude, you name it…I've never felt so at home on another continent. Living in New York you meet heaps of Aussies, and whenever I do I get so stoked because they're just a rad bunch of people -- I have yet to meet an Aussie I didn't love. Cue young artist Steen Jones, and up-and-coming painter who I met recently at a dinner in the East Village.

The event was thrown to celebrate a huge piece of art Jones had done in partnership with Sailor Jerry. When I met the tattoo-covered painter we ended up talking -- more, I ended up talking -- about Australia, art, tattoos, and everything in between. His style is relative to classic tattoo flash, he's just prone to working on much bigger canvases…like the side of a building.

Jones also has an ongoing number of projects, collaborations, and limited releases that take the form of varying products of which he produces with his friends under the name

Few and Far Collective

. When he started telling me about the different things he makes, he said "Give me your address before you leave, we'll drop you something in the mail when we get back." I of course made sure he got my address but didn't really expect anything to come of it -- to be fair, people often say this as it's a polite gesture. After more research and some good time spent on


it turns out the company is not only growing, but growing fast.

Much to my surprise, a box showed up from Australia with some rad limited goods. Just as Jones had promised he sent one of his limited Eagle caps. The success of what he's doing can not only be attributed to how inherently cool the dude is -- along with this, he's also limiting the run of product and paying attention to the quality and his following. Australia wins again with this awesome artist, and you've definitely gotta check his stuff out. You can see his art


, check out Few and Far Collective


and follow him on Twitter


. We're calling it now…you're going to be seeing a lot from this kid, he's just getting started.