‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Has A Steamy New Trailer

Same ‘Crazy In Love’ Miguel cover, though

Just in case you needed some steamy scenes from one Christian Grey and one Ana Steele on this dreary day, you just got 'em. Today, the second trailer for Fifty Shades Darker dropped and boy does it make up for the lack of moans in the first one

We’re first presented with Steele reconnecting with Grey (but only because she’s… hungry, for the record). Then—spoiler—they get back together and the kinkiness resumes, along with some very public displays of affection, including a bold elevator moment. There's a particularly wet and hot shower scene too.  

To counter all the sex, we’re also presented with a plot in the form of an introduction to Grey’s dark past and the people in it.

“Do you think you’re the first woman who tried to save him?” Kim Basinger—aka goddess of steamy sex movies—inquires. Apparently not!

“Do you want to be kept or have respect?” Eric Johnson also asks. We’re hoping the latter!

Watch this and more go down in the trailer above. We know what we’re doing this Valentine’s Day.