Anastasia Finds Out She’s Pregnant in The Latest ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Trailer

Get ready for a new mini Grey

A lot has happened in the Fifty Shades Freed trailers up to this point. Let’s recap what we can expect from the final film: The BDSM-loving couple gets married, Christian Grey has bought his new wife a house, and Anastasia Steele—well, you may call her Mrs. Grey now, as we learn from the trailer—is going to receive a visit from her deranged former boss. But the drama doesn’t stop there. In the latest trailer, we find out that Ana is also pregnant!

Those who read the books shouldn’t be surprised (the couple has two children by the end of the third installment), but we didn’t read them and our jaw dropped just as much as Dakota Johnson’s during the last seconds of the trailer. So, what does this mean for Grey's growing family? Well, for one, that red room will probably have to be turned into a nursery. Just kidding! Have you seen that mansion?! The baby can have its own wing if it wanted. It does probably mean they’ll have to keep the gun-slinging and violence to a minimum now. This year is starting off with a real bang!

Watch the full trailer, below.