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the fantastic four cast, revealed!

by liza darwin

People have been speculating about the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot for months now, and finally the cast is revealed! Last night we learned that Miles Teller, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell are slated to join Michael B. Jordan in the revamp of the comic book franchise. Mara is cast as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing, Teller as Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, and Jordan as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. In other words, it's going to be awesome...and we can't wait for the first trailer to drop. (Variety)

We need to talk about the Bonnaroo lineup, you guys. Just when you think that the Coachella and Governor's Ball rosters take the cake, the rural Tennessee music festival blows them both out of the water. Featuring both old-school acts (Elton John, Lionel Richie) as well as faves like Kanye West, Jack White, and Vampire Weekend, leave it to Bonnaroo to make our summer vacation planning THAT much more difficult. See it below and tell us which one you're going to. (MTV)

Jourdan Dunn recruited Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls for the third season premiere of Well Dunn. While they're making vegan Thai chicken, the friends talk about their fave recipes and starring in Beyonce's video. The whole thing is totally adorable, so watch it below. (Oyster

From Neil Gallagher announcing David Bowie ("You maniacs didn't think David Bowie was actually going to be here, did you? He's too cool for that, he wouldn't do this shit.") to Disclosure and Lorde's collab (which, duh, we have below), see everything you might've missed from last night's BRIT Awards. (Rolling Stone

Just in time for the Versace runway show, the Atlanta rap trio (who burst on the scene last year with, you guessed it, "Versace") made an exclusive runway playlist. Donatella, hope you're listening! (

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Memorize the name Shura now, because this girl is going to BLOW UP. Don't believe us? Get a first listen of her hot-as-fire new track "Touch" right now. (