First Crush Playlist

get ready to jam out with your summer fling.

It might have taken you some time to realize that boy you were chasing around on the playground was, indeed, your first crush. You may have written secret love notes and carved your initials in a hidden tree. Or maybe you wrote a song about how dreamy his dirty blonde bowl cut was. (So DIY!) And if you were daring enough, you made spent hours picking out the perfect songs to burn onto a scratch-free CD.

Unfortunately the time of mixtapes have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have the perfect playlist to pine over your crush with, at least Karen O doesn't think so. Apparently in 2006-2007, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer recorded enough solo love tracks to fill an LP. Crush Songs will be released September 9 via Julian Casablancas' label, Cult Records. But since it's summer-fling season, we want you to be prepared, so we rounded up a list of our favorite indie love songs. Hope you enjoy them! XO, NYLON.

Surfer Blood – “Voyager Reprise”

For those nights when you are so love sick you can’t function, head to a secluded beach and turn on this Surfer Blood staple. Even if you want to sulk around, its poppy beats will soothe all ailments so you’ll be able to go to that party and nab the guy of your dreams.

Bleachers – “Rollercoaster”

Jack Antonoff’s ‘80s movie montage jam is filled with enough Bryan Adams-like guitar melodies and crooning vocals to have you jumping around your bedroom like the manic pixie heartbreaker you are.

Matt Pond – “Love to Get Used”

This layered indie anthem perfectly captures the symbiotic relationship that is a summer fling.

Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms”

Caroline Polachek is basically the girl we’ve all always wanted to be. And if she’s forward enough to sing this song, we can confront our crush. Or at least send him this song instead.

Beach House – “Real Love”

Beach House somehow captures the true essence of love in this five-minute track. With cheerful piano tones and crooning vocals, it’s beautiful and heartbreaking enough to soundtrack any daydream.

Of Montreal – “Sex Karma ft. Solange Knowles”

Everyone knows that good karma, a healthy dose of humor, and Solange are pivotal to any lasting relationship.

Feist – “My Moon My Man”

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, these sweeter-than-Splenda vocals, upbeat instrumentals, and subtle synth may be dreamier than your actual crush.

HOLYCHILD – “Pretend Believe”

Hand this song to your crush and tell him that as long as he follows HOLYCHILD’s instructions, everything will be better than fine.