a shoe for every girl—or day of the week, if that’s your style.

by rebecca willa davis

We're not about to argue that big-name collabs are winding down. Because if Maison Martin Margiela x H&M taught us anything, it's that they'll still draw a crowd (and throngs of overly animated editors fighting over disco leggings). But while each usually targets a specific vibe--the woman who shopped MMM x H&M is probably different from the woman who waited in line for Versace x H&M, for example--we're also seeing the expansion of collaborations, so that there's something for everyone. Take Camper: The footwear brand has established Camper Toðer as a place to partner with not just one, but a range of designers. The spring '13 season is no different, with something for everyone. For the maximalist, there are the pieces by Bernhard Willhelm--think zebra print cut-out booties and neon-hued sneakers--while artsy wallflowers get sleek platforms and simple lace-ups from Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho. Preppy with an edge? Try the wedge boat shoe from France's Romain Kremer. Even within Camper's own in-house line, spring sees candy-colored brogues and sky-high leather wedges. Because sometimes we really do want it all.

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Camper Twins sandal

Camper Filippa sandal

Camper Together with Romain Kremer boat shoe

Camper Together with Veronique Branquinho sandal

Camper spring 2013 lace-up

Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm sneaker

Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm cut-out boot

Camper Twins slip-on shoe