get the london look!

by faran krentcil

We already have a crush on the British designer Holly Fulton because of her crazy embroidery and beading skills - she can literally sew jewels or metallic thread on a dress and have it look like it's part of the fabric's pattern.

But despite being totally obsessed with Fulton's funky designs and miniskirt hemlines (think Mary Quant with a bedazzler), we've never bought one of her outfits - they're way too expensive.

Thankfully, ASOS has saved the day (again) with a collection Holly whipped up just for them. Retailing for $70-$300, the clothes keep the gist of Holly's bold and beautiful designs, while letting go of the luxury catwalk pricing that often holds up our dreams.

The newest range is out now, and available - anywhere in the US - if you order online.