“girls are like, cool.”

by ray siegel

One of the reasons we love Mark McNairy is that when it comes time to cast his models he looks no further than hip hop's Top 40 and his own offspring. Last season he featured star-crossed lovers Danny Brown and Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) in a "jungle boogie" tee.

For fall '13, we got an exclusive look at rapper Angel Haze and his daughter Daisy McNairy modeling the designer's signature gear--some of the highlights: clown-face print pants, camouflage, fitted hats and brogued shoes. When we asked McNairy the obligatory question: "what's the inspiration behind this collection?" we could be more behind his response: "Girls are like, cool." Duh! Beavis or Butthead couldn't have said it better themselves.

Though we may never know his true inspiration, we really don't care as long as there's clown pants. And don't forget to look down because his shoes are always dope.