inspired by late nights.

by ray siegel

As Obesity + Speed designer Lyz Olko puts it, her line is for "every girl ordering black coffee at 10 PM." Since our favorite bands' set times don't start until 1 AM and most of the parties we go to open their doors equally late, we definitely fall into that category--New York isn't nicknamed "the city that doesn't sleep" for no reason. It does get tiring, but some of the best nights we can remember have gone on well into the morning. Olko is a New York nightlife regular herself, so she knows a thing or two about New York's irregular schedule and even sites it as her inspiration behind the Obesity + Speed fall '13 collection: "sidewalk graffiti, after-hours passwords, and the leaky light of a Lower East Side sunrise."

Even though late nights come with the territory when you're a fashion designer or a magazine editor, we've all had some growing up to do whether we like it or not. That often means leaving the party early and O+S can relate: "This season was growing up and still holding true to your rebel roots," Olko told us. If the latest collection is any indication, growing up isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's led to some exciting new additions for the brand like the use of leather, chiffon, and for the first time, she's added outwear to the mix. Plus, this season boasts two collaborations--one with queen of the cloaks, Lindsey Thornburg and a denim collab with Court jeans.

Click through our favorite looks modeled by photographer Emily Hope--and if you make a purchase we might consider giving you the after-hours password.