18 Millennials On Voting In The U.S. Election For The First Time

    Catch y’all at the polls

    by · November 08, 2016

    Of all the presidential elections that have gone down in this country, none—in recent memory at least—have shaken people to the core like 2016. If you asked anyone who they thought it would come down to back in 2012, chances are they might have guessed Hillary Clinton, but running against Donald Trump? No way.

    It just proves that the only thing predictable about this seemingly never-ending election, full of memes galore, is that it will all be over in a few hours. (Please let it all be over in a few hours.)

    Given that today is the big day, we wanted to know what might be going through the heads of people voting for the very first time. After conducting a survey through Google Forms, we received a bunch of responses about what this experience means to the millennial generation. Click through the gallery to read all of their reactions.

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