osborn oxfords get an artsy makeover.

by liza darwin

With summer winding down and our flip flops banished to the back of the closet, let's face it: we need more shoe options. And if you're like us and want to stand out from the rest of the brown leather boot pack, look no further than Osborn. Since 2007, this local label has been making handmade oxfords and booties out of sustainable materials and stamped with ridiculously cute patterns, quirky prints, and florals.

Now Aaron Osborn and the rest of his creative crew have teamed up with some of our favorite artists on a brand-new collaboration. Mary Meyer plastered her style with her signature discharge print, H.Fredriksson used wine-colored silk and herringbone, and Upstate transformed their pair with hand-dyed indigo.

These super limited-edition shoes are only available at New York's International Playground boutique and at its online shop, and only in runs of 12 pairs. So while this exclusivity means you'd better snatch up your own kicks ASAP, it also means that you're one of 12 people in the world sporting them.

How's that for being an original?

See the designs below and buy them here.

RHLS+ Osborn

RHLS+ Osborn

Chromat + Osborn

Study NY + Osborn

Mary Meyer + Osborn

Upstate + Osborn

Upstate + Osborn