indie publishing for the pop culture obsessed.

by liza darwin

The PS1 Art Book Fair this weekend in NYC took the saying "get lit" to a whole new level. With 200-plus publishers and dealers from all over the world selling their goods, the event was borderline book overload. But in the midst of the madness, one booth managed to stand out from the rest.

PictureBox is a local company that takes the traditional publishing mentality and turns it on its head. As a self-proclaimed "history nut with a special kinship for the overlooked and underexposed," founder Dan Nadel seeks out the craziest, coolest, and most interesting items in visual culture from the past and the present. Rather than seeking books with mass appeal, Nadel opts for niche publications that he's personally obsessed with.

Since their inception in 2002, the company publishes 10 books a year, including graphic novels, design, and prose, along with special projects like CDs, DVDs, and prints.

So whether you're determined to find a random out-of-print Swedish magazine or a Karl Wirsum poster from the '60s, PictureBox is your go-to pop culture mecca (just look below for some of our favorite finds!).

Is it just us, or did reading suddenly become way more fun?

Click here to learn more about PictureBox.