Fitz and the Tantrums Walker Video

our dream dmv experience, set to music.

by rebecca willa davis

We've all been there: Standing in line at the DMV as the hours pass, anger boiling over. Maybe your fantasy is to start screaming. Maybe it's to jump the line.

But for Fitz and the Tantrums, it's to embark on a city-wide rampage, knocking a pad of tickets out of a police officer's hand, removing boots from illegally parked cars, and engaging in spontaneous dance routines with equally frustrated strangers.

It's the premise for their new music video for "The Walker"--and yes, we like their vision way better. On the track, the Los Angeles-based five-piece put their trademark neo-soul spin on a pro-individuality anthem, with lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick delivering lines like, "Crazy's what they think about me / Ain't gonna stop because they tell me so." In the music video, that translates into a sweaty dude in a buttoned-up shirt doing windmills atop a car.

Basically, if you doubted that they could outdo "Out of My League," their chart-topping single, you've just been proven wrong. Check out our exclusive premiere of the music video for "The Walker" below, and then start practicing your own windmills--the band's on tour with Capital Cities right now.