five questions: lawson rhys taylor

A blue collar dude turned high fashion model…

by Josh Madden

Lawson Rhys Taylor is a self-described "gypsy" turned-high fashion model from Coventry, England. We spent some time with the 22-year-old, who has fast become an in-demand face in menswear. A quick Google search will turn up page upon page of the tattoo-covered Taylor walking the runway for designers like Galliano to heading up campaigns for brands like Black Scale. The working-class dude-turned jet-setting model gave us a bit of insight into the surreal turn of events which led him to his current state. Taylor explained that at age 13, he traveled the UK and Europe with his best friend and BMX bike and ended up in Australia. He returned to England at 18 and took on odd jobs ranging from stacking bricks to interpreting for the deaf. Eventually, he landed at Urban Outfitters on Oxford street, where he was discovered. Lawson was asked if he'd like to be a model and thought it was a prank at first. It turns out that two days later he went down to the agency and signed a contract on the spot. The story, which seems straight out of the movies, is pretty rad and Taylor says that he knows he's blessed. He left us with the quote: "Nowadays I am free to be myself, the worst…under no authority." Check out our five questions below and if you're interested in booking him head over HERE.What was your favorite cartoon/TV show as a kid?Ninja Turtles or Sesame Street.What was your favorite cereal?Coco Pops, all day.What was the first record you bought?LL Cool J - Bigger N Deffer. I rented it from the Library for 50p and never took it back, I still have it. Classic.What was the first live show/concert you went to?I took a girl on a date to a Papa Roach show, I was like eleven years old... Had never really heard of them before but became a fan of moshing and stage diving shortly after.What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in High School?I remember having BMXers and chick wrestlers, and LL Cool J, haha.