five questions with robert delong

A one-man band…

by Christian Lavery

Having just wrapped up his own headlining tour last week, Robert DeLong is slowly but surely becoming a household name in the EDM world. Mixing his musical influences from his days growing up on the West Coast with passionate lyrics and his stellar musicianship, DeLong has managed to master an electronic sound unlike any other. His latest album Just Movement is already in stores, and with one listen to Global Concepts, you’ll see exactly why we’re glad that we’ve been seeing his signature “X” logo pop up on the stages of Coachella, Ultra, SXSW, and Made In America. He’ll be on tour with Twenty One Pilots starting October 17th, so grab your tickets HERE while you can. But before he heads off to wow crowds across the country, he answered five of our favorite questions.

What was the first record you bought?

I bought the Jurassic Park Soundtrack.

What was the first live show you went to?

I was in 4th grade and I went to see Pat Metheny.

What was the first car you owned?

A 1990 Toyota Corrola.

What was your favorite cartoon/TV show as a kid?

My favorite show was Star Trek: Next Generation.

What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in high school?

I had Star Wars, MxPx,and Death Cab For Cutie posters hanging up.