five questions x a$ap ills

We caught up with A$AP ILLZ from A$AP Mob, in SoHo and asked our five questions.

by nylon

In 2005 three friends in Harlem came together and formed a crew now recognized to the world as A$AP Mob. The internationally-known outfit consists of a cast of celebrated characters and is known for its influence on the way not only hip hop, but music and culture at large, look and sound today. A$AP ILLZ, one of the three founding members and guru of the culture conglomerate, is working on his own jewelry collection and currently the face of Stussy’s newest international ad campaign. We caught up with him in SoHo and asked our five questions.

NYLON Guys: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?A$AP ILLZ: Tom & Jerry

NG: What was your favorite cereal?AI: Waffle crisp or Cinnamon Toast

NG: What was the first record you bought?AI: My brother was a DJ so When I was seven, I used to go through his collection…I was bumpin Life after Death , Wu-Tang Forever ‘97.

NG: What was the first live show/concert you went to?AI: Had to be like one of the first sneakerpimps when Jadakiss performed.

NG: What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in high school?AI: Jordan, Kobe, Biggie, 2pac, the Greats for inspiration.