fka twigs has directed a concept film for google glass

and it’s uber cool.

by priscilla bajomo

FKA Twigs, queen of the alternative blogosphere, has just released #throughglass, a concept film she's directed for Google Glass. The futuristic short film features Twig's experimental dancing and iconic visuals set to a re-worked version of her songs "Video Girl" and unreleased "Glass & Patron". Twigs uses the glasses to reference her dynamic gymnastic background, making the google product seem cooler than ever before.

It's great to see Twigs release this innovative film so shortly after a wave of racist remarks sparked by the news of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. The pair have recently been spotted holding hands once again, initiating another surge of hateful comments on Twitter. (Most of the claims stem from haters suggesting that the only reason people know about her is because of her recent coupling. Which is not only ridiculous, but smacks of sexism: We've been following the otherworldly singer for months now, and it doesn't take a man for us to jam out to a woman's music.)

The 26-year-old is fearlessly fighting back against online trolls by continuing to release dynamic and creative videos, in addition to embarking on another US tour. Heck yeah, girl. 

Watch the new video below: