photographed by jeremy cowart


song premiere: fleurie, “fire in my bones”

absolute fireworks

The synth-pop spectrum is expansive, and its definition is convoluted. Yet Lauren Strahm—a.k.a. Fleurie—has found her place within its variances. She’s got a singer/songwriter approach to making music that melds well with her ear for electronica. Despite the atmospheric, whirling synths that speckle the debut song off her forthcoming Arrows EP (out September 4), Fleurie isn’t lost in the clouds. She’s grounded by the anthemic pounding of the drums.

“‘Fire In My Bones’ is a picture of hope and fear battling for control inside of me,” she tells us. “It’s chaos and calm coexisting, and the emotional landscape that dynamic creates.” Towards the end of the song, she sing-speaks an ominous self-realization: “If it feels right, it’s probably wrong.” It’s a quiet point, but one that envelops the track with an urgency to get on with life, move ahead, and evolve. It’s the calm before the sonic storm that’s been pulsating over the course of three minutes and ultimately sizzles out in a puff of smoke. Exhale.