Florrie Interview

on her new album, drumming, and being a total badass.

by liza darwin

Music is an industry that's practically overflowing with triple threats, but it's tough to find a multi-tasking artist quite as cool as Florrie. Not only is she an incredible singer, dancer, songwriter, and style icon, the 25-year-old also first made a name for herself for her killer drum skills...in other words, she's got so many hyphens, it's easy to lose count. We've been crushing on the London singer, songwriter and drummer ever since she dropped some of her signature head-bobbing jams upon the world way back in 2010. And now that she has a brand-new EP out now and an album on its way, her star is only burning brighter. On a rare break from putting the final touches on her debut LP, Florrie phoned in to tell us about her Little White Lies EP, her Miu Miu obsession, and the one country still on her performance bucket list.

So we hear you're working on a new album...how is it going?

It's going well! I'm actually in the studio right now putting my finishing touches on things. It's so funny, at this stage finishing up the album, I feel like I've heard thses songs a million times. A lot of them are newer songs and some of them are older, but either way, you want it to be absolutely perfect. It's a process. [Laughing] 

Are you psyched for everyone to hear it? When are you coming to America to play for us?

Yes! That's been one of the most amazing things about building up a music career as an artist is having that worldwide fanbase. Because I put everything out online, my fans are from all over. I haven't ever played a show in America yet, but I'm absolutely dying to. I can't believe I still haven't yet!

We've had "Little White Lies" on repeat for weeks now...what's the story behind the track? 

It's actually an older song I wrote over a year and a half ago. Taking from the title, it's just about those lies that slip out. You don't want to get in trouble, but sometimes you just get found out. I love the song, and from the minute I put down the chorus and melody, I knew it was going to be a special track. 

You're a total badass because you're awesome at the drums, but is there any other female drummer you look up to?

Sheila E. is an amazing female drummer who I've looked up to forever. Also Meg White from the White Stripes is really cool. When I was younger, I didn't really follow too many other drummers, though. Instead I would listen to Spice Girls tracks, or Avril Lavigne songs, and try to play along! 

How would you describe your onstage style?

It's actually an extension of my personal style, which is really pretty simple. I don't try to do anything too mad, and that's probably because I want things to be mostly about the music. I love to wear trousers and shorts onstage when I'm drumming so I can move around. 

After seeing you at Fashion Week these past few seasons, we have to know: who are your favorite designers? 

Well, I love Markus Lupfer; I think his jumpers are amazing. He actually made me one recently with a big sparkly "F," and I am obsessed. I love Christopher Kane, and I've done a bit of work with Miu Miu and Prada. I think my whole life has been about music and it's only within the few years that I've discovered fashion. I'm glad I did, though.

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