Florrie- Seashells

it’s a rainbow-colored rave, and you’re invited.

by liza darwin

Do you need:

A.) Outfit inspiration

B.) A dance party

C.) A new favorite singer/drummer/all-around badass girl  

Then you need to stop everything and watch the new music video from Florrie, which is D.) all of the above. Hopefully by now you already know the English singer, songwriter, and drummer from her thumping electo-pop tracks "Call 911" and "Give Me Your Love" (as well as her appearance front row at fashions hows like Mulberry), and now she's gearing up to release a new EP,


. Judging from her video for "Seashells," it's going to be catchy and cool and totally different...which is a good thing.

Take it from Florrie, who told us, "'Seashells' is very different from anything I've done before, but that's what I love about it! I first heard the beat in July last year and instantly thought it had something different and compelling about it," she explained. "It's got this really hypnotic, upbeat feel, yet it's actually a slower tempo than a lot of my previous stuff. I worked on some initial ideas for the track with the gang at the studio and then left it for a good few weeks while I worked on the other EP tracks. It was only when I came back to the track in November that I realised how important it was! It was an amazing feeling."

The video, which was filmed in December, features choreography from the Krump dance crew Wet Wipez (aka, comes stocked with moves we need to copy 


). Let's just say this: if you were planning on staying home tonight, that's all about to change. Watch "Seashells" below, and get pumped up!