editor’s pick: get inked

    give your nails their own tattoo.

    by · September 13, 2013
    “Think before you ink,” is my motto when it comes to tattoos, which explains why I only have one even though my dream is to be a full on tattooed dream girl like Freja Beha Erichson. (Mom, stop reading this.)Every day my grandiose plans are put on hold because I can’t decide which symbol, letter, shape, or Francis Picabia drawing to get inked. I’m coping with this dilemma by obsessing over this nail polish by Floss Gloss called “Faded”--a shade inspired by the color of a tattoo after years of wear, tear, and sun exposure. The moody greyish-green hue is pretty and pretty accurate, and so even if my arms are bare from cool tats, my nails can get a little ink-spiration. Buy it here while you comtemplate if you want to get “Winona Forever” or “Wino Forever” on your bicep. Both are really good options, but like I said, decision making is hard!
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