Flume + Tove Lo Take You To Outer Space In The “Say It” Video

So dreamy

by daniel barna

We finally have a video for "Say It," the undeniable pop masterpiece off of Flume's second album, Skin. Despite lending her soaring vocals to the track, Tove Lo doesn't actually appear in the video. Instead, we see a female astronaut engaging in a dreamy pas de deux with a metallic being from the future. The clip was directed by Nez, who lets his camera break free from traditional laws of perspective, giving viewers the sense that they're in a wondrous, zero-gravity landscape.

This is the second video from Skin, which Flume is currently touring all over the country. As for how he got Tove Lo on board, the Swedish pop upstart spoke to Music Feeds recently about their collaboration. "Flume, I’ve been listening to for years and he reached out, and I was like, ‘Is this for real?’” she said recently. That’s the same reaction we had while watching this video. Check it out above.