Flume Wants You To “Wall Fuck” At The Club

Lose your mind when the sub-bass drops

Flume's tracks bang hard, so it's no surprise that the producer’s latest single is titled “Wall Fuck.” Previous cuts from his forthcoming record have been collaborations with emerging artists like Kai, Vince Staples, and Kučka, but this track is an instrumental solo that allows him to really show off his music chops. Listeners are treated to an experimental side of the producer, that hasn't been heard before, with clanging drums that aggressively pulse in the background and layers of euphoric synthesizers that crash on the surface. 

If this is how Flume has been gearing up for festivals like Ceremonia, Coachella, Sweetlife, and Hangout Music Fest, we're definitely ready for the season. Anyone that is exposed to this noise is bound to go crazy whether they've been rolling on "special" snacks all day or running around the grounds frantically to get from stage to stage. For three minutes, you can have the experience of being at a rave inside the trenches of your mind.

Skin officially drops on May 27 via Future Classic. Mark your calendar, pass the aux cord, and crank the song below. (You can also download it for free here.)