Foxes Interview

talking skydiving, vintage shopping, and “clarity” with pop’s rising star.

by liza darwin

We've been fans of Foxes ever since 2010 when her breakout single "Youth" first popped up on a little show called Gossip Girl (RIP). Although Louisa Rose Allen has been keeping busy since then--she's released an EP and a handful of soaring anthems like "Echo"--it's her recent hit with Zedd that's made her a fixture on dancefloors everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Over the past few months "Clarity" has won more than 44 million hits on YouTube, peaked at #8 on Billboard, and was covered on Glee. So needless to say, the 24-year-old U.K. singer has gained herself a whole new set of fans. 

Next up for Foxes? She's finishing her debut album Glorious, out next year, and continuing to plan her stateside domination. On a recent break from touring we chatted with the musician about her wild and crazy year, her skydiving dreams, and what it's like to have her face on a teapot. 

It's crazy because now everybody knows you from "Clarity," but what else are you up to these days? Well, I've been working on this album for a year and a half now, before "Clarity." And then "Clarity" happened...[Laughs]. Now I'm coming out of this and doing more of my own stuff. I've been working on it for quite a while and writing away. 

How do you feel now that your album is about to come out? I'm so excited! It was really nice for people to hear "Clarity" and now they sort of know me--now I'm ready for them to hear more. 

You've been performing for a while now... has your style changed over the years? Yeah, massively. I think I've definitely grown up since then. My mom has a vintage store in London, and it's influenced my style in a big way. I've become less hippie now--my two style icons are Chloe Sevigny and my mom. 

After touring with Zedd, I'm sure some ridiculous things have happened. What's the weirdest thing that went down on the road? Well, I was in Sydney performing a show, and I heard this weird yelp from the audience. I looked down and this guy was like, "sign my kettle!" A tea kettle. So then I walked to the front of the stage and I came closer and turns out my face is drawn on it! So weird. Also, someone had my face tattooed on them once. That was crazy, too. 

Wow. That's insane. 

Yep, pretty weird, right? Also, my bandmates went skydiving twice in one week during tour. It's not something that happened to me, since I had to do press those days, but now I really want to go! I'm determined to go next time. 

You should! OK, so considering "Clarity" is on pretty much every party playlist these days, what songs are on yours?

I really love the new remix of "Summertime Sadness;" I love the London Grammar remixes, and I just got this new Chill House Classics album, which has remixes of all the tracks out now. I'm really into remixes, if you couldn't tell. [Laughs] 

You've always been really involved in your music videos. What can you tell us about your next one?

I can't say much, since we're about to go shoot it in LA! But I always come up with the treatments for the music videos; it's been a huge part of what I love to do, getting involved in the visual process. The one thing I will tell you is I'll be shooting cake out of a cannonball....

Whoa. Finally, tell us about your makeup--what's your process? I do all my makeup myself. I'm a big fan of the '60s look and Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy right now. I love the big lashes at the bottom; I think as long as you have loads of mascara, a little bit of blush, and a bit of lipliner, you're good to go.