who are you calling four eyes?!

by liza darwin

From Tom Cruise's Ray Ban aviators in Top Gun, to John Lennon's thin round wire frames from the '60s. No matter what year it is, some glasses just never go out of style.

And if you're a fashion freak like us, then here's some news you'll appreciate. This series of posters from FrameWorks features various iconic (read: recognizable) eyeglasses, from Andy Warhol's retro specs to the thick black plastic Buddy Holly's to Kanye West's shutter shades. It's a mini-lesson in fabulous eyewear that doubles as fantastic wall decor, and we can't get enough.

The best part?

No matter if you've got terrible eyesight or perfect 20/20 vision, these are styles that everyone can love.

Check out all the posters here!