Photo by Wolfgang Tillmans


Frank Ocean Made You A Playlist Of His Favorite Songs

Thanks, Frank

Frank Ocean kept the world waiting for his new album. Now that it's here, you can't open your browser or social media feeds without some headline touting his name and his doings. This past Friday was the video for "Nikes," which led to the drop of Blonde. The week prior was filled with an enigmatic visual album. Blonde's release, however, spawned pop-up shops that sold the Boys Don't Cry zine that has given way to a nice chunk of Ocean material—namely a McDonald's poem by Kanye West

Today, the zine content du jour is a playlist made by Frank Ocean. A scan of the page was uploaded to Genius and then brought to life on Apple Music. It's a rich mix of R&B, progressive electronica, disco, and more. James Blake makes an appearance, and it appropriately rounds out with The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry." The inner workings of Frank Ocean are mysterious and strangely accessible. Check out the playlist below.