Photo courtesy of Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean Finally Has An Official Release Date For ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

For real this time

After months (and years) of toying with our emotions, Frank Ocean is finally ready to drop his long-awaited Boys Don’t Cry LP on Friday, August 5. According to the New York Times, the Grammy Award-winning singer will release his sophomore album through an exclusive deal with Apple Music. 

An inside source claims that the album will only be hosted on Apple Music for two weeks before it becomes available elsewhere. We weren’t sure what to believe when we saw the 

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-directed video installation on his 


this morning, but now our questions have been answered. (If we’re being honest, we still don’t understand all of the dates on the 

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, though.)

We don’t want to get our hopes up too high, but this seems pretty legit. At last, our prayers have been answered and our faith in the universe temporarily restored. We’ll be holding our breath on Friday, but for now, we can sigh a deep breath of sweet relief.

Better late than never.