fred perry country polo pack

The pack is back!!

by Josh Madden

Fred Perry country Polo Pack

For 50 years

Fred Perry

has been supplying us with our favorite polos and somehow without reinventing the wheel (just making a better one) they always keep us in a fresh one.

You might recall the Fred Perry country polos from 2010 and we're stoked to announce that they're back! As before, the brand put together a range of classic polo shirts based on a selection of participants in this year’s tourney. The chosen teams are England, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil and the Netherlands. Each design is featured on a two-button collar polo with twin-tipped collar, bold sleeve tipping and the country name under the Laurel Wreath.

They go on sale as the Country Pack on May 12th at

End Clothing


and at

Fred Perry

stores following that.