free music: brother

up close and personal with the uk band.

by liza darwin

When they're not headlining their own shows, the four boys of Brother are touring with Morrissey. After all, there's a reason that the members of this U.K. gritpop band (not really brothers) claim they're "quite sure of themselves" and are unaffected by hype. No small feat, considering there's been a massive buzz building nonstop ever since their addictive singles like "Darling Buds of May" first hit the internet several months ago. We caught up with Lee Newell and Sam Jackson last night before their first NYC performance and got prepped on the inevitably awesome Brother invasion.

How was SxSW?

Lee: It was great. We played a lot of gigs, met with lots of people, partied a lot. It was our debut in the U.S; step one of the revolution.

There's been tons of buzz around you guys, online at least. Does it affect you?

Lee: No, because back at home we've had a lot of that already. We like it because its a big platform for us. We're quite sure of ourselves.

Is there a difference between US vs. UK fans?

Sam: Hard to say, since we haven't played too many shows here yet. But US fans are nicer it seems.

What are the top things you always bring with you on tour?

Lee: We miss our gang on tour because they're not there with us. But we always bring plenty of ridiculous t-shirts, DVDs, you know.

Sam: DVDs make good coasters.

Do you guys have a pre-show ritual that you always do?

Lee: We do, but we can't tell.

Why? Are you superstitious?

Lee: I think I'm getting superstitious in my old age. I won't walk under ladders.

Sam: I never do that.

Lee: Except I don't mind smashing mirrors. I like it, in fact. That can be the headline: 'smashing mirrors' [laughs].

Download "Darling Buds of May" below, and pick up their EP on April 16!