free music: callmelat

time to float away on some twinkly pop.

by liza darwin

In the scene of pretty female singers, it can be almost impossible to stand out from the crowd.

But that's not really a problem for Katrine Ottosen. Sure, she's gorgeous, but thanks to an equally beautiful voice and some serious keyboard skills (she plays a vintage model, and her bandmates in CALLmeKAT have been known to whip out everything from the harmonica to the xylophone), this Copenhagen musician manages to stand out from the pop star pack.

Her shimmery voice has the same delicate, lilting aspect of Alexa Wilding, Jaymay, or Feist. But while she may seem fragile, a definite quiet power present in all her songs proves that she's much deeper than that. Download "My Sea" exclusively here, and prepare to get hooked on Kat.