free music: converse

burn up your stereo with paloma faith, graham coxon and bill ryder-jones.

by liza darwin

At NYLON, everyone pretty much has a major (fashion) crush on Converse. And fashion crushes, just like normal ones, are even better if the object of our affection is multi-talented.

Luckily for us, Converse is anything but shallow. Although we may love the company for their cool and comfy sneakers, in recent years the retail giant has branched out into music, teaming up with rock stars and garage bands alike to blast their songs around the world.

As part of the Connectivity campaign, a year-long celebration of the amazing U.K. music scene, the brand has recruited locals Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon and Bill Ryder-Jones to record a single. A high-energy blues number that speeds along at100 mph, "Desire" is the perfect mashup of Faith's sultry vocals, rough-and-tumble guitar riffs, and a seriously spunky vibe.

So download it here, crank it up, and don't forget to hold on tight.