mia moretti and caitlin moe and a music video and a free katy perry song…

by nylon

Last month, we announced a contest to help Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe make a music video of their new single, "So Beautiful." Here's the winning piece, from filmmaker Josiah Greiner, plus a Q&A - and a free Katy Perry remix!Tell us about So Beautiful.

This is our first original release together as a duo; after collaborating live together for so long, we really got a good sense of each other's tastes. That helped us create something that was unique to us, but also true to our own styles. The lyric "We're all so beautiful, with a little wear and tear" is meant to encourage people to find beauty in all things and all experiences, because in life that is what shapes you into the person you are, and that's what makes everyone beautiful and unique.

Why did you pick this particular contest winner? When we recorded this track, we wanted to emphasize how life, just like music, has no beginning or end, it's just a journey. We're always just one beat away from where we started. Josiah's video illustrated the idea of life and music as one continuous, cyclical entity. What advice would you have for other musicians working as a duo? Always love and encourage each other. What's in your suitcase for this summer's music festivals? Tambourines, maracas, shakers, and animal masks.... Of course we left a little room to squeeze in some Missoni bikinis.

It's NYLON's 13th birthday. What would you get us as a present? Portable light up dance floor -- the party should always travel. Anything else? We just released our remix of Katy Perry's "Part of Me..." Here's a free download.