free music: superhumanoids

robot rock returns!

by ali hoffman

Getting to know a new band is a lot like accepting a random Facebook request: A mutual friend goes a long way.

Case in point:  Superhumanoids, the Los Angeles foursome who initially gained our interest when we found out they're touring with Cults (our former Band Crush) this spring. 

But it wasn't until we actually listened to their stuff that we truly became fans. 

Combining whimsical lyrics (think Talking Heads) with fresh squirts of electro-pop-fun  (think MGMT), Superhumanoids' sound is one that could definitely cause an addiction.

Dubbed Parasite Paradise, their forthcoming EP goes viral next Tuesday- but lucky for you, we got an early copy of the first single “Malta” for free!. Download it below and let us know if this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship