free music: uh huh her

that really cute girl from the l word has a band!

by faran krentcil

We were devoted L Word fans when the Showtime hit was on the air, and our favorite character was Alice. Played by Leisha Hailey, the writer-turned-talkshow-host was hysterical, adorable, and unbelievably flawed. If you heard us screaming "What are you doing?!" at the television set every Sunday, well... that was because of her.

But now Hailey's gone back to her roots as a musician, debuting a new EP this Spring with Camila Grey. The duo make up the band Uh Huh Her, named for a PJ Harvey album but sounding nothing like PJ Harvey. Instead, it's breathy electropop, the kind that sounds like Fun Dip getting mixed into raspberry seltzer. We've got a free song for you that we already play on our stereos, which lets us yell at Leisha Hailey again - but this time, it's because we want her to keep cranking up her guitar.