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freebie friday: map art

the new scrapbook is a map you make yourself

There's just something about filling your apartment with maps and globes that makes it feel way cooler. They sort of exist as a magical timeline to remember all of the sweet places you've been to. But even better, is when you can totally customize the map yourself. Want to make one where you pin all of the best food trucks in Austin? Maybe you want to make your own map of where Max caused a wild rumpus with the wild things. Then, there's always the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie map you could recreate. (You know, where they throw a dart to see where their next movie till be? Those were the days.)

Well, we've been documenting our favorite places in our NYLON Daily newsletter, where we feature awesome events happening at the coolest spots in ten cities across the US--and we want you to get in on the fun. So, enter below to win this awesome Make Map Art book from Chronicle Books and subscribe to the NYLON Daily in your city to get all the rad happenings sent to your inbox each day.

What comes with the book? Inside you'll find tons of ideas for illustrating your own maps, plus icons like sailboats, cacti, and latte cups, compasses, legends, and trees--all for mapping out where you've been. Bonus? It even comes with world map poster for making that blank wall in your kitchen just a but more awesome--AKA the perfect excuse to drop everything and grab a plane ticket to your next adventure.

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