The Only 3 Dips You Need To Make This Summer

    Fruity solutions to avocado shortage

    by · July 07, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Brittany Bennett

    Give guac a break.

    The grim news of avocado shortages continues to haunt our summer snacking. It seems our beloved guacamole is becoming an endangered dip. But we don’t want your chips to worry about being basic this season. No avocados? No problem. Find resolution in the fruit aisle and continue relishing in summer’s simple pleasure of poolside chipping and dipping.

    Take this opportunity to liven chips with a colorful coating of something new. A combination of your favorite fruits can add a tangy and sweet topping to tortilla, pita, or plantain chips. And these three options guarantee distraction from that green gap at the snack table.

    Let guacamole recuperate and try something new with the recipes below.

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