Tonight’s Full Moon In Virgo Is A Container For Our Grief And Our Healing

Everything has come full circle

It’s known that the full moon completes a cycle which began when the moon was new. So it is with our Virgo full moon, which looks back at the last new moon in Aquarius and the initiatives sparked under her narrowed eye. The full moon asks us to honor what was shed so that new life could thrive; it asks us to take stock of the work we’ve done with ourselves and for ourselves. Yet, there is a larger cycle at play here. The Aquarian new moon was a partial solar eclipse and marked a turn in the eclipse cycle that showed us our undulating darkness all the way back in August. Imagine the pattern the eclipses formed in the sky, an Ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail, an infinity symbol. Death and regeneration, this full moon in Virgo is a hoop dangling from its curves and serves as a container for all the grief and self-doubt the eclipse cycle erupted through us.

While it may seem daunting to look back and reflect on what fire we’ve walked through, I encourage you to turn toward the Virgo full moon with relief in your heart. While the new Aquarian moon opened channels for social disruption and difficult negotiations, the full moon in Virgo is interested in putting things to rights. Positioned conjunct to the MC, this full moon takes on the role of a public mother, a mother who knows chaos brings more chaos and is invested in harmony through deep unflinching attention and mutuality.

If there’s anything a Virgo is the master of, it is attending. So, trust her. Imagine the moon embodied as a woman charged with putting your life in order so that you might get some clarity, next steps and marching orders. Be grateful for this offering and be mindful. Harmony can’t exist in a vacuum, and your life can only be as clear as your conscience allows it to be, so this is no time to take advantage of your privilege for your own sake. The resistance will not hold so long as it continues to be white-washed and decontextualized. Not #MeToo, nor the fight for gun control, both of which affect women of color disproportionately. If you rise, rise interpersonally. Look outward as you harmonize and practice reciprocity. When have you been held up these past few months? When will you be ready to do the holding?

Matters of home will strike a loud note this full moon, a desire to reimagine what community can be and what love can look like between community members. You might find yourself dealing with issues around lineage and your blood family and, while wounds remain and trauma is very real, there will be opportunities for moments of healing. Because there is a focus on roots, the roots of our knowledge and education might start coming up. Some of you will think deeply about returning to school, others might turn to elders, and some might evaluate what it might take to unschool yourselves to begin again with an expansive mind. Mars in Sag will lend fire and self-determination to that drive, but it’s your job to direct that energy towards expansion and not indulgence.

A distinct energetic push-and-pull is palpable between the Piscean energy that flows past February and the Earthy weight of our full moon. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all in Pisces and have soaked us with dreamy, illusive, and often-resigned energy that longs for retreat. It’s up to us work with the push of this full moon in Virgo decan 2, which channels Saturn’s drive for order and distinction. She wants us to know the lay of the land and laws that must be reshaped through it. I encourage you to be glad of this duality which might serve us in personal matters, like completing a project rather than just ruminating on what its completion might look like. You might find yourself finally ready to have “the talk” you’ve been avoiding having with a partner, or, if the mood is right, understanding your role in this revolution against gun violence and white supremacy. I like to dream big when I can.