A Full Moon Market For Witches Exists

So obviously, we went.

One of my favorite parts of living in New York City is the perpetual opportunity to discover something new and exciting just by going outside. Social media helps enhance this possibility tenfold, and a few weeks ago on a morning scroll through the net I saw a flier for something called the Full Moon Market. I decided based on that title and the tagline (“A Market of Curiosities and Magick”) that it was just the place for a witch like me to go exploring. I asked a pal who loves herself a crystal if she wanted to join and off we went.

Upon arrival we were greeted by—what else—the sweet plucking of a lute. Our first stop was the table of The Crystal Mind, created by crystal psychic Teketa Shine who strives to curate the most potent and beautiful gemstones, hand-picking each one for its unique and powerful vibration.

Next was The Broom Closet, which offers house-cleansing services (using all organic magick cleaning products) that promise to rid your home of negative energy, created by Blue June, a Tarot reader and talisman artist. We also stopped by AscAlchemica’sessential oil creations, all of which are made up of natural and handmade extracts. Asc Helvetius is the alchemist behind these products and chooses their combinations based on classical and Neo-Platonic elemental and planetary correspondences, as well as traditional ritual or classic magical use, and offers refreshingly unique blends, including a collection that was made based on the zodiac. As a thrilled owner of the Aquarius Blend, I have never felt more aromatically aligned.

Other vendors included Necronomicharm jewelry, designed by Jocelyn Shipley whose work is inspired by the campy, nihilistic side of pop culture, and I Do Declare, creator of Lolita and Rococo clothing, a fashion style that mimics the royal costumes of late 17th and early 18th century Europe (think prince pants, corsets, and frills on frills). In addition to several other makers there was also an energy attentive masseuse and affordable tarot readings by Blue June, who is also the creator and curator of the market.

Full Moon Market was inspired by Blue’s experience as a local vendor in other fleas and markets she’d participated in with her company The Broom Closet. She, like many vendors, was overpaying in space rental fees so she sought to create a market that would be affordable for other makers and artists—as well as thematically compelling, with a focus on curios and the craft. Other events have some of this to offer, but leave out the occult element that she gladly provides space for.  She’s very selective when curating each market, and strives to create an experience that is unique to patrons that are both simply browsing and returning consistently; all vendors/makers have strange oddities to sell or an occult element to their wares. The ultimate goal of the market is to bring together a community of talented makers of rare curios and those who seek an exciting shopping experience that will take them out of their day-to-day normalcy and leave them feeling inspired and entertained.

Blue started Full Moon Market in August of 2015 and has settled into the event space of Catland, an internationally recognized occult store located at 987 Flushing Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The market is scheduled to occur every Saturday closest to the full moon, from 1-6pm, through the rest of 2016. It “forever changing and has new vendors every month,” and there is always an interest in acoustic musicians, food vendors, and live performers.  

If you’d like to be considered, email fullmoonmarketbooking@gmail.com with information. The next Full Moon Market will be this Saturday, June 18, 2016.  

Tarot reader and talisman artist Blue June is the creator and curator of the market as well as The Broom Closet+Magic Talismans Tarot. The Full Moon Market happens every Saturday closest to the full moon 1pm-6pm for the rest of 2016. 

The Broom Closet+Magick Talismans Tarot offers all natural magick cleaning products designed to protect your home from negative energies, promote clarity, and help create a positive space—as well as custom talismans and wellness baths, with “magical council” upon request.

AscAlchemical combines herbcraft, alchemy, and perfume to create essential oils and perfumes that are "fun, eccentric, inspired, and not bound by traditional 'masculine' or 'feminine' scent traditions."

Necronomicharm is a "modern goth" jewelry shop that boasts a huge selection of “everyday unholy glamour."

I Do Declare, vendor of Lolita and Rococo clothing in the royal style.