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Everything You Need To Know About The Full Moon In Sagittarius

Prime time for dreams to come true

by christie craft

Summer is blazing through the calendar, and though scorching it may already be, these dog days of the hot season are anything but lazy. Don’t expect the Twilight Zone-esque vibe of the last major lunation—a Gemini New Moon on June 4—to lift anytime soon (sorry about it!), at least not without another eerie curtain of fog dropping when the Full Moon hits her highest notes in the sign of Sagittarius on June 20. This incredibly idealistic Full Moon will cause so many of us to focus on the possibilities rather than on the present moment. Sagittarius is vigilant about their fun, bounding from one challenge to the next, taking breaks only to drink from their eternal fountain of optimism and joy. Sounds fabulous, right? Damn right, it absolutely is! But call me a Cassandra, because logically, this happily blind optimism won’t last.

The Full Moon on June 20 occurs at the very tail of Sag the Centaur-Archer’s journey, which ensures that its influence will be fleeting at best. Heads find sweet pillows in clouds of what could be; our imaginations are limitless now, allowing us to essentially design our most ideal life down to the last detail. Manifesting our dreams and achieving our goals seems realistically within reach—you’re on one—that is, until reality sets in.

Now, let’s be really real: You’ve got your gilded goals trimmed and tailored in your mind’s eye, and you are feeling sharp. Yet there are logistics you haven’t thought of and even more unseen circumstances queuing up in your life’s blind spots. Look both ways (fuck it, look in the sky, under the bed, and in the closet, too), because you’re going to need to purge quite a bit, plan meticulously, and put in some serious elbow grease in orchestrating and executing your big ideas. Thank the heavens (literally): Less than an hour after the Moon reaches the highest point of June’s cosmic crown, she’ll slip down into calculating Capricorn, the sign most eager to help oil the machinations of your dreams. 

Mirages on the horizon have been much more lovely to look at than the harsh truths of our current lives; you may be planning to move to your dream locale but have no funds, have your eye on a stellar position that requires a decade-plus of experience you simply don’t have under your belt yet, or you could be slamming your heart into a space it simply could never fit. And why should it? The shape you’re situated in, sometimes, is hardly compatible with the cut of your core values. Remaining blind to these now-obvious realities is a recipe for disaster, but like shirking away at the goriest, freakiest parts of a slasher flick, turning your face from the ugliness of the present served a purpose—self-preservation and building self-esteem. However, you’re stronger now. So the time has come to look at the beasts.

There are many obstacles underfoot—not to mention trolls under bridges and demons in dark corners—but thanks to the light of the Full Moon, we are able to see these ugly truths optimistically, hopefully, before they bite us, start demanding we answer three annoying questions that all happen to rhyme, or in extreme cases, possess us. This isn’t a scary movie, it’s real life, and you must be present and active in assessing negativity, casting out the monsters, and ultimately slaying the most ferocious of dragons—especially the ones that’ve been nagging us so incessantly for months. 

Each of us will be called to a higher intelligence to escape this maze in one piece, but you’ll also need to be adept at feeling your way out of the darkness during this lunation. The Full Sag Moon will be opposite Venus, which will be in softhearted and maternal Cancer—just as Venus squares the Sun, which enters the crabby water sign that day, too. With this much Venusian energy—remember: Venus rules all things love and money—commingling with all that classic Cancerian emotion, we can expect to experience highs and lows in our bank accounts as well as love lives during this phase.  

Mercury is right at home in Gemini, the sign this versatile, tech-savvy planet rules, which may drive even the most timid among us to use discussion as their greatest weapon, ultimately squashing beef through talk. Right on, but make sure to come armed to the teeth with knowledge, though. Do your research before entering into negotiations, and if all goes well, you’ll certainly gain the upper hand. The harsh aspects between the Sag Full Moon and silver-tongued Mercury will shine a floodlight on any checks written by mouths that butts cannot cash, so be sure to keep your word—and be mindful not to overpromise and underdeliver during this lunation. The converse of this is, of course, being let down and disappointed by others’ spitting so much game their talk mismatches with their actions.

The most sinister part of this otherwise happy-but-frustrating cycle is the possibility of blinding ourselves into a psychic tizzy by staring too closely and intensely at the hideous nature of reality. Even if pulling the gruesome creatures out from the depths seems like a fascinating challenge in self-improvement, there is a limit to how much bullshit you can process before you go a little mad. Alternatively, you could feel so pumped by your own optimism that you begin going after the demons—even the more docile, less urgent ones—and provoking them into endless conflict you aren’t prepared or nearly fortified enough to handle properly. Do not burn your own bounty to prove a point. 

Be ready with psychic shields and self-care measures, be sure to get plenty of rest and don’t deny yourself pleasures when the going gets tough in the next two weeks. Don’t be afraid to take a pause during this phase if conditions become excessively shocking or the winds of change blow frigidly. Patience is a great virtue now, and you will need it in spades on the next leg of your journey in July. Don’t be ashamed if you need to sit on the sidelines of your epic journey until the weather changes—there’s no use in walking through the storm mindlessly; you’ll be struck by lightning.