Watch the First Teaser For Netflix’s Fuller House

premiering feb. 26

Netflix just announced that their Full House revival—brilliantly called Fuller House—will begin streaming on February 26. That's a measly 71 days until you'll finally find out what the Tanner clan has been up to all these years. To accompany the announcement, Netflix released a nostalgia-soaked teaser that takes us back into the Tanner home and its iconic rooms for the first time in 20 years. You can practically see the spirit of Michelle roaming around these hallowed halls, (which is all you're going to get when it comes to her). We don't see any of the characters, but we do hear their voices—Uncle Jesse! Joey! Rebecca!—through the front door, as they help D.J. move into her new digs. That dog waiting for them at the door is too young to be Comet, but you better believe they're related. Because in the Full House universe, everyone and everything is.