Watch Future and The Weeknd Disappear Behind A Cloud Of Smoke In The “Low Life” Video

Cool car, guys.

In the brand new video for "Low Life," Future and the Weeknd do their best to live out the debauched fantasia they sing about on their hit single. Except because they're singing about being, well, lowlifes, they're chilling in abandoned warehouses instead of beachside mansions. There are clouds of marijuana smoke, half-naked women, and a cockroach cameo, all meant to convey the message that these two music superstars are shady dudes with certain... habits.

They also get behind the wheel of a Mad Max-style road warrior and drive around in super slow-mo, because the video's director Zac Facts assumed it would look cool (oddly enough, he was right). The song, whose lyrics are a bit of misdirect—they're actually living quite the high life—is the standout off of Future's last album EVOL. The track initially dropped all the way back on Christmas, but has been gaining steam as of late. It currently sits at 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is climbing the charts. The duo recently performed the track together on SNL, which you can watch here

Watch the "Low Life" video, above.