g. love and special (hot) suace

When we say we put hot sauce on everything, we mean it…

by Josh Madden

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of premiering one of G. Love's new videos, but it turns out the dude isn't just in the music game...

If you know anything about us at Nylon Guys, it's that we love hot sauce. Whether it's wings, burritos, or PB&J (don't ask), we find a way to put it on everything. Our buddy G. Love is always looking out so he sent over his very own brand of hot sauces and his favorite ways to eat each one! Here's what the G had to say about these fine sauces!

"The original HOT Sauce is our perfect Louisiana-style hot sauce. With a lot of tang and just a little heat, this sauce is made to go with soul food like fried chicken, fried catfish and oyster po boys. But really, it's great on everything from soup to salad - my girl puts it on her salad- to all meats and vegetables. Distinctly American cuisine, but this makes any good taste better. From French fries to Foie Gras, this sauce is perfect.

My Special LoLo Sauce is our take on the local island sauce I fell in love with in St Martin. It's a mustard-based sauce with plenty of heat and flavor. This sauce is our spiciest sauce but still very palatable. Obviously, it goes great with any island food like goat or chicken curry and all grilled meats and fishes. Try some on your ribs and your mac and cheese. Again, my girl will put this on any salad, my kid puts it on everything...the LoLo Sauce is perfect for island and American cuisine.

Last the Special Samba Sauce is my version of the spicy, tangy and flavorful Sambal Sauces of Vietnam and Thailand. This sauce is more of a relish and its ultimate match is the Thai dish Pad Thai. Our Sambal Sauce is a perfect match for all Asian cuisine. It's a very pungent sauce with medium heat. Just delicious. I mix it with Hellman's mayonnaise to make a Spicy Sambal Aioli for sandwiches or to enjoy with cold roast chicken."

We thoroughly enjoyed devouring these sauces over the weekend, so make sure you pick up yours HERE. Follow G on Twitter HERE, and if you didn't see his recent premiere, check it out HERE.