You’ll Never Guess Who’s Actually Winning The “Game of Thrones”

bet you can pick the losers, though

So many thanks to Gawker for this. Doing the yeoman’s work, the folks at Morning After put together this enhanced-clip reel that answers the rarely asked question: “Who’s actually winning this little Game of Thrones we’ve got going on here?” 

Stretching across the 42 hours we’ve already spent in George R.R. Martin’s violent brain, the video charts the rise and fall of various houses and groups with a video game-like power-ranking system that is both helpful and hilarious. Unsurprising takeaway: All the people you love are losing, some of the people you hate are winning. What is a bit of a shock, however, is who ends season five at the top of the leaderboard. So hungry for season six right now.

Oh, and spoilers ahead…all of them.