Gang of Four #StandForSomething with DocMartens

Who better than Dr. Martens to create a campaign that shows what it really means to go against the grain. The ongoing #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign continues to celebrate free-thinking individuals. It has called on many different walks of life varying in ages, backgrounds, occupations, and personalities. Dr. Martens wearers are known as people who stand out from the crowd with a strong sense of self-expression.

The campaign is also brought to life on Dr. Martens social media spaces, where consumers will be encouraged to share their style and what they stand for to win, by uploading their own personal images of them wearing Docs. This creates a visual representation of the brand's fans across the globe, what they like to wear, and how they express themselves.

In honor of the Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING Spring campaign, they bring you a special session with Gang of Four, who performed at their SXSW showcase this year. The exclusive footage includes exclusive bits and outtakes from their performance along with a Q&A.