Watch Garbage’s Head-Spinning New Video “Empty”

All hail Queen Shirley

In case you needed further proof that Shirley Manson has mastered the art of rock stardom, look no further than the new video for "Empty," the first single off of Garbage's upcoming album, Strange Little Birds. In it, a pink-haired Manson—donning her trademark fishnets—is front and center on a soundstage. Director Sam Bayer's camera whips fast and furiously around her and her fellow bandmates, like a special effect from The Matrix spun into overdrive.

The song itself sounds like vintage Garbage. In this age of streaming, synths, and computerized beats, the band has stuck firmly to their alt-rock roots. "Empty," with its jackhammer drums and whirring guitars, sounds like it could have been ripped from the band's self-titled debut way back in 1995. That's a good thing. 

Strange Little Birds, which is Garbage's sixth album and their second after an extended hiatus, comes out on June 10. You can watch Shirley Manson in all her glory, above.