Illustrated by Jihyang Lim

Everything You Need To Know About The Gemini Full Moon

Let this full moon light your way

by christie craft

The darkest days of winter are growing nearer—if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere—but on December 13, a whirlwind full moon in imaginative, mercurial Gemini will bring a bright, warm sense of wonder to the end of 2016’s drab landscape. Communication is highlighted as a cardinal focus, thanks to Gemini’s influence and the looming Mercury retrograde (beginning on December 19), but with the Sun still stationed in spontaneous Sagittarius, travel and an ever-expanding worldview will also come into play. Those touched by the Gemini full moon may feel an inexplicable urgency to put an important message on blast, make a big announcement, or complete a writing or publishing project. An unyielding hunger for information—either in the form of useful learning or tawdry gossip—could also bring a sudden, shocking awareness to the state of our lives in a rather dramatic internal shakeup.

Imagination is given free reign to run wild during this lunation, stimulating active fire signs like Leo and Aries, as well as mentally agile signs like Libra and Capricorn. But the signs most affected by the full moon’s cerebral tremors will be Sagittarius alongside air signs Gemini and Aquarius. These folks, as well as those with heavy influences from these signs in their natal chart, are poised on the cutting edge of taste through the last weeks of the year. The signs touched by this moon and her aspects are not just the trendsetters of the zodiac during this time—they’re the psychics predicting next year’s hottest crazes, making these lucky souls the month’s most popular partygoers. Siphoning off the collective consciousness is easy now, especially when there are so many multifaceted aspects to this moon phase. Highly adaptable personalities who can quickly bend to the changing atmosphere will get noticed the most during these next two weeks.

Gemini, a flip-flopping sign of twos, is only made more changeable by the moody moon. Relying on wits and intelligence can get us through tough spots now, but we’ll still have to dodge through different strategies to come out unscathed. The Gemini full moon provides a fertile environment for two-faced tendencies to blossom, bringing to light some less-evolved and downright untrustworthy behavior. More often than not, you can offer the benefit of the doubt that any shadiness under a Gemini moon is unintentional; Gemini’s influence merely makes people more easily swayed to flow with a more populist tide. Annoying? Absolutely, it can be. But sinister? Hardly.

On average, the most challenging difficulty many of us will have during the next two weeks is an overabundance of choices—which doesn’t actually sound like much of a problem at all. Being pulled in several very opposite directions with respect to decision making is to be expected. However, you may find that no matter what you choose to do, someone’s feelings will inevitably be bruised. Living for yourself is inherent to a happy survival, but the smartest move may be continually bouncing back-and-forth from position to position—essentially donning many different hats for many different occasions. This hectic atmosphere isn’t chaotic, though; you’ll have to pick the best strategy for each event or problem, which could feel very rigid or even oppressive to some. Juggling all these aspects (and then some!) is what a Gemini moon does best, managing a delicate balance of diverse elements with lightness and ease.

The complex Gemini full moon has a distinct shadow side, marked by “evil twin” tendencies. Gemini’s “trickster” archetype is pronounced now, which may unmask alter egos or those living “double lives.” This lunation could shine an unforgiving spotlight on con artists, swindlers, liars, thieves, and flimflammery. Because there’s a devious, cheeky energy to this moon phase, many of these less-wholesome types will be able to get away with a lot more than usual. A word to the wise: Be aware of yourself and who you’re trusting your money, valuables, and more with in the next weeks. The flipside is a period of success for those who honestly employ some level of illusion in their professional work—think: entertainers, therapists of all kinds (particularly those working to heal the body), psychics, and astrologers, who should all see a healthy uptick in their careers, thanks to these fantasy-prone aspects. Artistic and performance talents linked to rhythm and timing will be keen now, as well. Those who might’ve been too timid to take the stage before may feel emboldened enough to give a powerful performance now.

Meanwhile, the mother-goddess star Ceres will be at a sharp angle to the Gemini moon, cloaking this lunation in a mantle of parental protection. This cosmic shield is very nurturing and loving, yet there’s an unsettling scent of desperation present motivated by past grief. Those touched by this deep sense of loss may become overly clingy or smothering, convincing themselves that they need to be needed. Momma bear is extremely eager to right the wrongs of the past: At best, this motherly cloak could guide us to discover whether our brand-new job, home, relationship, or alliance will truly pan out over the next couple of weeks. At worst, this lunation could see justice served in prosecuting or seeking retribution for sexual assault, violence, child abuse, pedophilia, and Narcissists prone to gaslighting (to name a few).

Philanthropists championing charitable causes could easily employ this energy to make vast strides in raising money, too. One thing to be cautious of is the tendency to throw money at problems in order to make them go away or to pacify the opposition somehow. The double-dealing Gemini full moon will make the rifts between the winners and losers painfully obvious now, but lavishing wealth and gifts on anyone won’t make you as emotionally indispensable as you desire. 

But signs serious about moving forward and climbing to new pinnacles of ambition have the upper hand, an influence of hardheaded Saturn moving in opposition to the Gemini moon. A turbo-charged drive for greatness is active now, calling us to live up to (incredibly high—maybe a little too high) standards, all in the name of bettering oneself, however critical. Anyone striving to be more self-disciplined or increase their mental stamina will benefit from the moon’s link up to stoic Saturn, since Luna rules our daily habits and Saturn governs organization and structure. 

When it comes to family, those moved by this aspect strongest will not think twice about self-sacrifice for the sake of loved ones and relatives. There is earnest poise and classic grace to the strength of Saturn, leaving us a tad too obsessed with duty and responsibilities—and a little overly preoccupied with our social status. Defending the home and hearth, as well as our families, tooth-and-nail will become second nature, even lending a bit of a musty, old stodgy attitude to the affair. Elders and old souls will likely be prone to swatting away the rebellious tendencies of younger (or “younger”) generations out of respect and veneration for a past way of life that may no longer serve the needs of an evolving society.

Uranus, the electric planet of surprise and futuristic innovation, reflects its laser-beam energy off the full moon in lively harmony with air sign Gemini. When Uranus is in a sextile angle to the moon, an abundance of modern radicalism is brought into the public stage in an act of self-assured rebellion. Nonconformists who buck the status quo will boldly come to the forefront as the true agents of change during this lunation. Revolution—which has been an astrological theme since mid-November and the U.S. elections—is refreshed by Uranus’ high-voltage genius, bringing to fruition freedoms of all kinds. Our personal freedoms on a micro-life level are in an ideal position to be renewed in the last two weeks of the year.   

Outlandish bouts of bizarre behavior could strike the very people energized by this revolutionary streak, but with good cause: The more outlandish and weird the display, the more the collective public seems to respond, calling attention to critical issues. Uranus’ sextile aspect to the full moon is a harmonious union at heart, but there may be some friction. Courageous types who wear their opinions and convictions on their sleeve could unintentionally invite pushback from those threatened by their strength. Loyalists to conformity will feel fear at this revolutionary sea change on a personal level, provoking harsh criticism based only on their own fear and lack of self-security. Ironically, many of those opposing the movers-and-shakers and shapers of the future are envious of these idealists’ independence and authenticity. If the conformist class were less constrained by the fear of what their more en vogue counterparts would say, they too could lead a more truthful life. 

Jupiter, planet of expansion of ideas, luck, and abundance in all its forms will also be in a beautiful angle to blossoming Gemini full moon. Writers and crafters of word, song, and lyric will benefit immensely from this position, in particular, thanks to Father Jupiter governing publishing and creative communication. Artists and journalists alike are moved by international issues, especially if research and discovery involve travel to faraway countries and cities. Even if you aren’t able to go overseas, internal voyages of self-discovery will do the trick. No matter how far we travel, wide-reaching Jupiter’s mix with the Moon’s intimacy fosters our roots. Those who’ve earnestly nurtured another’s talents, progress, and growth could begin to reap the residual rewards of their good deeds—that is, if you’re at the right place at the right time (such is Jupiter’s wacky antics!). Success comes as a chance meeting with Jupiter influencing the cosmos so heavily, but the most generous among us will have the uncanny luck of attracting benefactors and investors to reline spiritual and emotional (or even literally financial!) coffers.