This Anti-Sexism Christmas-Toy Ad Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

too adorable!

Hot on the heels of moves by major American retailers (Target included) to eliminate sexism in the toy department comes this amazing (and adorable) ad from French superstore, Systéme U.

Starting off with a quick exploration of gender stereotypes as explained by tots, the commercial proves that even though they may be young in years, children soak up our normative notions of what is right and wrong for each sex pretty quickly. It’s rather disheartening. Then, the producers unleash the horde of adorable kids on a room full of toys, allowing them to play with whatever hits their fancy—turns out, the cultural constructs they've absorbed don't effect what they choose to play with.

Now, this is all just an announcement that Systéme U is presenting a genderless toy shopping guide for this holiday season—a commendable thing, even if it's just all about the money in the end. As wonderful as this ad is, it’s a corporation patting its own back. Still, it’s a very good thing to let kids pursue whatever sparks something in their hearts, so we’re happy to let Systéme U pat itself silly over this, and doubly happy to retweet their #GenderFreeChristmas hashtag. 

Enjoy it—we guarantee it will make your day.

(Via Ad Week)