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Geographer’s “Read My Mind” Hits All The Right Places

Listen to the first song off of their ‘Alone Time’ EP

Geographer's Mike Deni's voice is nothing short of transcendent. He manages to sprinkle even the darkest of emotions with a romanticism few can find. With his three other band members, Deni has carved out a special place within the indie electronic-pop scene, one that's simultaneously dreamy and soberingly grounded. Geographer always gets you lifted, but with the keen awareness that a high is fleeting. How big and beautiful that feeling can be.

"Read My Mind" is the first song off of Geographer's forthcoming Alone Time EP. It begins with a swell of synths, restrained and yearning. By the time Deni gets to the chorus, he's worn his emotions on his sleeve so boldly, the only way for the song to go is big, bold, and bombastic. "I think every song I've ever written has been an attempt to display what it's like not to be me, but to feel the things I do," Deni tells us. "One of my greatest frustrations is being misunderstood, especially when my intentions are good. 'Read My Mind' is about my own desire to break through all the distractions and fog of a relationship that turn the purity and beauty of love into doubt and pain." He's not lying. The chorus of "Read My Mind" is a sucker punch to your gut. It forces you to close your eyes and take it all in—the chords, the nuanced squeaks, Deni's knowing wink of a line, "If you could read my mind." This is a song for those lovers hesitating to fully express themselves to one another. It is, like the chorus says, a song "built to last."