liquid eyeliner that won’t let you mess up.

by faran krentcil

We have not recovered from the cat-eye look - nobody has, it seems - but if you're not fantastic with your liquid eyeliner skills, you might look more like a weeping Margot Tenenbaum than a smoldering Brigitte Bardot. We got a new eyeliner pen from Pop Beauty that might be able to help with that.

The eyeliner itself is your standard, inky black, but the difference comes in the actual marker.  It's huge - the same size as your childproof Crayola markers from preschool.  And because it has such a solid grip, it's virtually impossible to make this stuff smudge, jag, or jiggle on your eyelid.

You can't use this eyeliner for incredibly subtle flicks or points, but if you're still learning the basics of liquid eyeliner application - or you don't have more than five minutes in the morning to get a perfect line and run out the door - this is a tool that you'll be very thankful to have.

Pop Beauty Jumbo Ink Outliner, $18 at Ulta