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how to open up more storage on your iphone

delete, delete, delete

In the span of your iPhone’s life, you will undoubtedly reach a point when you simply cannot download anything else on to it. You might not even be able to take that selfie you desperately wanted because your phone is too full. A panic washes over you and your future begins to look bleak—selfie-less and bleak.

Fear not, fellow storage users, for there be light at the end of this crowded tunnel. All you’ve got to do is delete

Business Insider put together an incredibly helpful video that outlines exactly what and how to go about your delete-a-thon. It might sound fairly simple, but when you’re suddenly faced with the “no room” warning, common sense gets thrown out the window. We’ve been there, and we empathize. Parting is often such sweet sorrow, but digitally freeing up your device is even sweeter. 

(via Business Insider)